Gloria is an elevator operator at UERJ. Spend the days going up and down students and teachers

She was raised and lives in Morro da Providência. Daughter of an abusive father, when she gets freed from him, she passes into the hands of a brother, chief of the local drug traffic, who, even when imprisoned, is present and exerts enormous influence on her life.

Portuguese psychoanalyst, in Brazil for a post-graduation course on violence in UERJ, Camila attends Gloria in her office

Foreign and displaced in the chaos of an unequal city, in constant transformation, she is lost in a dynamic that she does not understand, but is interested on.

Fear, traumas, action and obsession

A relationship of closeness and, in a contained way, of affection, in a game of pleasure and guilt, madness and sanity, construction and deconstruction - of urban Rio de Janeiro, which permeates Camila and Gloria, and above all, their own lives.